Night Sky Full of Dreams – Publication News

I’m a little late in sharing this, but…Back in November I was honoured when the wonderful people at Fae Corps Inc included my short poem, Night Sky Full Of Dreams, in their anthology, Fae Dreams, along with so many other talented poets and writers. My thanks to Fae Corps Inc for their hard work on the anthology, and for the opportunity to have my poem appear in it.

The graphics they produced as part of the anthology marketing are stunning:

And the cover is so beautiful:

Here’s the list of talented creatives:

You can find Fae Dreams on Amazon 

A Hopeful Heart ❤

So my blogging break is over, and I’m back with a little bit of whimsy for this Monday morning for my response to this past weekend’s writing prompt…whilst also trying to get my head around the new editor.

I’ve always used the classic editor here on WordPress, and I know I still can use it, but I thought I would give the new one a go… Although it will take a bit of getting used to, I must say, it wasn’t as difficult as I feared it would be, once I started to find my way around…Will I use it again? I might very well do…

Photo by Lisa Fotios on

A Hopeful Heart

She lay in the heather

Waiting for a feather

To fall from the sky above

A sign of intent from her love

Who she’s endlessly dreaming of

Written for: Weekend Writing Prompt #177: Heather | Word count: 27