Hidden Messages…or…Looking for meaning where there is none


Secrets whispered on the breeze

Symbols concealing their face in the clouds

The sudden appearance of bird or leaf

What does it mean?  What does it mean?

Time wasted in futile search

Life dreamt away analysing sleep-time talk

A future entrusted to a deck of cards

Magical power of stones and rocks

Foolish intuition or trustworthy guidance?

Uncovering hidden messages…

…Or looking for meaning where there is none?

Who knows the truth?

She asks, turning her gaze to the crystal ball

Wondering if she can trust her instinct




Do you trust your intuition?  Do you look for signs and symbols in the world around you to help make decisions? Or do you not believe in the possibility of predicting the future?  I would love to hear your thoughts on this…perhaps you are an avid consulter of the Tarot or search for messages during meditation…Maybe it’s astrology and horoscopes that have captured your attention or earnt your disdain…Feel free to share your thoughts below…