Excavating the Archives: Into The Trees

I wait at the edge of the forest

The boundary between

Danger and safety

The threshold between

What I know and don’t

The seen and unseen

And in that moment

I have a decision to make

To continue waiting

Or begin a new chapter

By taking my first step

Into the trees

This was originally posted in January 2017. You can find the original post here.

The River


The river is high

And the current is strong

I am powerless

So must drift along


A journey unseen

A destination unknown

But it feels like the water

Is carrying me home


A walk down the river this morning provided the photos and the inspiration for the poem.  We had a lot of rain here yesterday, raising the level of the river.  As I stood and watched the water flowing by, the current quicker and stronger than usual, many a-large branch passed me by.  There was something quite calming about standing there and watching the water…and my mind felt a great deal more peaceful after it too 🙂