Only Human

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I’m not perfect

my faults are legion


I endeavour to be good

to do right


though I stumble

now and then


most important of all

I love you


I hope it’s enough

Written for: Weekend Writing Prompt #231 – Legion | Word count: 32

Excavating the Archives: Clinging to the Smoke

Through the fog
Of the smoke
Nothing seen
Nothing heard
Past gone
Future vanished
All we had was
The here and now
Those precious few seconds
Of the present
You reach out to me
And our hands touch
It was in that moment
That I 
I never wanted
The smoke to clear

This was originally posted in May 2016. You can find the original post here.

Excavating the Archives: The Love Spell

Michelle dabbed some of the rosewater she had been brewing for nine days – whose petals had been gathered beneath the light of the last full moon – behind her ears.  Looking in the mirror next to the kitchen door, she adjusted the rose quartz charm at her throat.  What was that fleeting look she had just seen; nerves?

She frowned.  Then, cross with herself for doing so, she stretched the skin of her forehead with her fingers, trying to smooth out the damage.  That’s better.

The timer on the stove chimed, followed a few seconds later by the oven.  Soon the table was laid – the centrepiece, a homemade apple pie.  She had read somewhere that apples were sacred to Aphrodite.  Next to the pie dish sat a tarot card: The Lovers.  Michelle reached over and picked it up.

Holding it in her hand, she thought over the lengths she had gone to get things right.  No, not right.  Perfect.  Damn, she’d even found an astrologist online to check the alignment of the stars, just to see if they would be in her favour.  This had to work.  Thoughts of him were driving her to distraction.

Not that James had any idea what she had been planning.  He thought he was coming over to complete a report for work.  If she had her way, the office would be the last thing either of them would be thinking about, she mused, grinning mischievously.

For a heartbeat, she wondered if she was doing the right thing.  If she was being fair to him.  Hearts in love, she pondered, were not really concerned with “free will” and “do no harm”.  After all, wasn’t there that saying…”the heart wants what the heart wants?”  Anyway, it was love.  There was nothing evil or dangerous in that.  It’s not like I’m planning to bury a knife in his chest…

Pushing away the remainder of her misgivings, she placed the tarot card over her heart and whispered the incantation one more time.

You’ll be mine.

You’ll be mine.

You’ll be mine.

Now all she had to do was wait…

This was originally posted in May 2017.  You can find the original post here.

A Hopeful Heart ❤

So my blogging break is over, and I’m back with a little bit of whimsy for this Monday morning for my response to this past weekend’s writing prompt…whilst also trying to get my head around the new editor.

I’ve always used the classic editor here on WordPress, and I know I still can use it, but I thought I would give the new one a go… Although it will take a bit of getting used to, I must say, it wasn’t as difficult as I feared it would be, once I started to find my way around…Will I use it again? I might very well do…

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A Hopeful Heart

She lay in the heather

Waiting for a feather

To fall from the sky above

A sign of intent from her love

Who she’s endlessly dreaming of

Written for: Weekend Writing Prompt #177: Heather | Word count: 27

No Words


There are no words to tell you how much I love you

There are no words to explain how I hurt when you’re gone

There are no words to whisper in the night when I miss you

There are no words to utter when I need you to lean on


You can see in my eyes

All you need to know

So promise me this:

You’ll never leave, never go…

I found this poem in my draft folder from last November. Not exactly sure why I never got around to sharing it, but its discovery this morning meant I didn’t have to write a new poem today…Instead, I’ve been tagged in a couple of award posts (thank you to those who have nominated me) and I have a couple of writerly posts to pen, so I will make a start on them…Hopefully I will get around to posting them soon, but no promises as I am in the middle of a submission frenzy…

Written for Weekend Writing Prompt #130 – Ineffable | Word count: 70 – I haven’t included the prompt word here – Shock! Horror!  I know…But I reckon I got the essence of the word in there, and, in the spirit of being ineffable, it didn’t need saying 😉 Perhaps that’s why I didn’t post it last year…

A Secret Romance (Tanka)

This is for the Weekly Tanka Prompt / Poetry Challenge, hosted by Kiwinana at Ramblings of a Writer.  Below is my effort for week 94; the words are “moon” and “romance”. The prompt can be found here.  Go and check it out!

In the dead of night
I sneak away to find you
A secret romance
With nothing to guide me but
Love and the light of the moon

Lady of grace and beauty…

This is for the Weekly Tanka Prompt Challenge, hosted by Kiwinana at Ramblings of a Writer.  Below is my effort for week 59; the words are “portrait” and “lady”.  The prompt can be found here.  Go and check it out!

Penelope by Dante Gabriel Rossetti picture credit: wikipedia

She sits patiently

Lady of grace and beauty

As he studies all

Portrait to last forever

Etched upon his loving heart

Accidental Love

I didn’t mean
To fall in love
With you

It was

My armour-plated heart
Is well guarded
I never thought
Anything could break through

How did you
Do it?

Was it
Or deliberate?

I suppose it
Doesn’t matter now
You’re here
You made it through

Here’s my poem for this week’s Weekend Writing Challenge. I decided to have a go at the poetry challenge:

Poetry Challenge – Write a poem of no more than 20 lines, where each line is no more than 5 words in length, inspired by either the word prompt or the photo prompt or both.