Inspired By The Moon

moon november


An orb of silver

Hanging from a ceiling of stars

Illuminating the jet-black sky

With lunar light

As it chases away

Midnight’s shadow


The weather has turned cold here, but with the lack of cloud cover comes the opportunity to take some great pictures of the moon – one of my favourite sources of inspiration (if you have yet to guess it!) ย The above photo was taken this evening, and the little poem (if you can call it that, such as it is ๐Ÿ˜€ ) was written outside in the cold, by lunar light.

Here are some other moon-inspired pieces you might have missed hereabouts:

If you check any of them out and enjoy them, please let me know.

All there is left for me to do is ask if you have had a good weekend. ย I hope so.

Stay warm everyone and bright blessings for the week ahead ๐Ÿ™‚


Lady Luna

Night time

By the silver stream

Endlessly flowing

She descends to the Earth

From Her home in the Moon.

Her name’s Lady Luna

She’s Queen of the Heavens.

With the magic of Starlight

She sings Destiny’s tune.


Throughout the night-time

She walks with the Mysteries

Casting Her spells

To which none are immune.

Charming, enchanting

Bewitching, beguiling.

With the magic of Moonlight

She casts Destiny’s rune.