Excavating the Archives: Dance To My Tune

Priestess of Delphi by John Collier Photo credit: Wikipedia

Whispering words
Of enchantment
Storm-filled cauldron
The charm be cast

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Excavating the Archives: The Love Spell

Michelle dabbed some of the rosewater she had been brewing for nine days – whose petals had been gathered beneath the light of the last full moon – behind her ears.  Looking in the mirror next to the kitchen door, she adjusted the rose quartz charm at her throat.  What was that fleeting look she had just seen; nerves?

She frowned.  Then, cross with herself for doing so, she stretched the skin of her forehead with her fingers, trying to smooth out the damage.  That’s better.

The timer on the stove chimed, followed a few seconds later by the oven.  Soon the table was laid – the centrepiece, a homemade apple pie.  She had read somewhere that apples were sacred to Aphrodite.  Next to the pie dish sat a tarot card: The Lovers.  Michelle reached over and picked it up.

Holding it in her hand, she thought over the lengths she had gone to get things right.  No, not right.  Perfect.  Damn, she’d even found an astrologist online to check the alignment of the stars, just to see if they would be in her favour.  This had to work.  Thoughts of him were driving her to distraction.

Not that James had any idea what she had been planning.  He thought he was coming over to complete a report for work.  If she had her way, the office would be the last thing either of them would be thinking about, she mused, grinning mischievously.

For a heartbeat, she wondered if she was doing the right thing.  If she was being fair to him.  Hearts in love, she pondered, were not really concerned with “free will” and “do no harm”.  After all, wasn’t there that saying…”the heart wants what the heart wants?”  Anyway, it was love.  There was nothing evil or dangerous in that.  It’s not like I’m planning to bury a knife in his chest…

Pushing away the remainder of her misgivings, she placed the tarot card over her heart and whispered the incantation one more time.

You’ll be mine.

You’ll be mine.

You’ll be mine.

Now all she had to do was wait…

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A Samhain Summoning – Publication News

One of my stories, A Samhain Summoning, was published in an anthology on Halloween…very fitting for a collection of stories inspired by witches and magic.

The anthology is “Hexed”, from Iron Faerie Publishing.  My thanks to the Stacey Jaine McIntosh for including my story. Here’s the book description:

Magic, mayhem and mystery.

Cloaked in magic and surrounded by darkness witches have captured our imagination for millennia and fascinate us more than ever today.

From the wise old crone, witches can be healers and protectors, keepers of the old ways or possessed with supernatural abilities, used for good or evil.

Enter the world of witches – whatever the guise – and enjoy these wicked and wonderful short tales sure to delight!

You can find out more about the anthology, or get yourself a copy, by heading over to Amazon.

A Little Fairy Magic…

I think I might be a little late to the prompt for this one, but hopefully I managed to just sneak it in under the deadline…I can’t resist anything fae or moon-related!

Three haiku inspired by “Fairy” prompt over at Eugi’ Causerie – thanks so much for the inspiration, Eugenia! 🙂

Silver moon backdrop
To night-time fae enchantment
A world of wishes
Listen by night to
The whispers of stars and moon
Dream away the day
Timing is crucial
When the night falls and day flees
Magic by moonlight

Excavating the Archives: Ode to a Geode


You hold the promise

Of all or nothing

The sparkling crystal interior

Of vibrant dreams

In rainbow shades

That glimmer in fairy light


Stone, plain stone

Smashed for no reason

But to see if

Like the rest of us

You are more magical

On the inside

Than on the out

A divine spark

Concealed within a

Skin of stone

This was originally posted in August 2015.  You can find the original post here.


This is Part 5 of an on-going serial I’m writing called, “Lyr the Enchanter”.  To read the story from the beginning, you can find the story index, here.  In this instalment we learn a little more about what it means to be an enchanter…

I was dreaming. Of a time before. Of a time of after. I couldn’t yet tell…

The world was shiny, like the metallic gloss of a bird’s feather. Shimmering. Glimmering. Glistening.

Dreams were magic. They held power. As an Enchanter, I knew that. Knew how to read them, manipulate them. Weave magic into and out of them, through them and around them. The dream held the spell, the spell held my will, and the world changed, transformed by my intention.

No wonder so many people feared Enchanters. The innate power they – we – possessed was terrifying.

But this didn’t feel like one of my dreams. Who did it belong to? It was the wrong question. “What” always came before “Who”.

Metal…lots of metal…a workshop, maybe? Magic was worked in the forge: iron was bent, remoulded, reshaped, to the metalsmith’s will.

Then I understood. I was the iron.  I was being used. Someone was trying to influence me; bend me to their will. But why? And for what purpose?

Written for Crimson’s Creative Challenge #5 – I’ve gone a little over the 150 word limit this week.  Oops!


I’ve had a secret project underway for the past fortnight…I set myself the challenge to write the first draft of short novel in a month.  To make myself more accountable, I’ve been posting at least one chapter of it a day on Wattpad.  The novel is called “Oathbreaker”.


“Be my wife.” The words were so quiet, Eleri wondered if she had really heard them.  ‘Please, Eleri.  Be my wife,’ he said again, louder and with even more intensity.”

Eleri, priestess of the Green lady, has waited for so long to marry her tribe’s champion, Celyn.  Finally the date is set for Midsummer’s Eve, when the tribes have gathered in the valley to celebrate the longest day at the stone circle perched up on the hill.  But nothing is as it seems…

A glimpse of a bird circling over the stones foretells of doom…and maybe even death.

An oath is made.  A oath is broken.  And Eleri’s life changes forever.

“Oathbreaker” is a story inspired by ancient history, mythology and the landscape.  If you enjoy historical fiction with a dose of fantasy and the retellings of myths, legends and folktales, you might enjoy this too 🙂

You can read it for FREE here.

If you do decide to give it a read, I would welcome your thoughts – and feel free to give it a vote or three over on Wattpad too! 😉

The more reads and votes it gets, and the more interest is shown in it, the higher it appears on the rankings and more people will see it.  If you’re on Wattpad let me know your username and I’ll hop over and follow you – in the least stalker-like way possible 🙂

Thanking you in advance.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Magic of Times Past

(picture credit: Wikipedia)

I close my eyes and I can see them as clear as day before me. Whitewashed walls, glowing in the light of a torch, stretched around the room. Neatly chiselled into the plaster and then painted with a steady hand are shapes and symbols…

I could read them all, once, millennia ago. These strange drawings were words, and these words formed the spells to keep us safe, in this life and the next…

In my mind’s eye, I trace them with my finger, longing for the knowledge I once possessed before time eroded it away, just like the words themselves, which have long since turned to dust.