Magic of Times Past

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I close my eyes and I can see them as clear as day before me. Whitewashed walls, glowing in the light of a torch, stretched around the room. Neatly chiselled into the plaster and then painted with a steady hand are shapes and symbols…

I could read them all, once, millennia ago. These strange drawings were words, and these words formed the spells to keep us safe, in this life and the next…

In my mind’s eye, I trace them with my finger, longing for the knowledge I once possessed before time eroded it away, just like the words themselves, which have long since turned to dust.

A Spring Enchantment

Fera had been looking forward to the Spring Fair since the end of the Winter Market.  Beneath clear blue skies, the sun shone bright and strong, making it feel unseasonably warm for this time of year, but who was going to complain that the weather was better than it should have been?

As Fera moved in and around the crowd, she couldn’t help but smile; she was mesmerised by the noise and bustle of activity wherever she looked.  Then, above the calls of traders and the chattering of gossips, she heard it, soft and distant at first, but as she pushed her way through the throng, it became louder and louder until suddenly she found herself at the front of semi circle of people.  Before her a man a few years older than herself was strumming on a harp.

It was as if the world had stopped.  There was nothing except the music, nothing except the musician’s fingers strumming the harp strings.  Time faded away, lost all importance.

Was this magic? she wondered, before the very thought disappeared, chased away by the enchanting melody.

When the music finally stopped, she realised she was the only one still there with the musician.  The market traders had packed away and gone, the crowd too, though they would no doubt return for the evening entertain.  But just as that thought crossed her mind, she noticed that it was dark, day having given way to night many hours before.

Naturally, the young woman began to feel self-conscious.  Why should she remain when others had not?  Instead, all she could ask was, ‘Why did you stop playing?’

The musician smiled.  ‘Because the spell is at an end.  The charm is cast.  There is no more music left to play.’


Weaving Destiny

By the light of the full moon

I weave my destiny

Casting spells


Whispering words

Of magical enchantment


To create the world

I want to see


To create the world

I want to be part of


To create the life

I want to live


To create the me

I want to be


The daily prompt: Create

Excavating the Archives: Never Ask A Dreamer…

Never ask a dreamer what she dreams about

For if she starts talking

If she smiles sweetly

If she takes you by the hand

You will finally understand the power of her words

As comprehension dawns on the magic she has wrought

You may wonder…

…You may not

But as sure as she is the moon

And you are the sun

The stars will guide you deep

Into her world of dreams

And there you shall remain

Loved, but lost to all, save her

For ever.

This poem was originally posted on this site July 2015, here:

Excavating the Archives: Brick by Brick

brick wall

Brick by brick

My castle grows

The towers rise

Out of the forest

Climbing into the air

Until they reach the stars

Joining earth and sky

Binding moon and sun

In the promise

Of magic to come

From August 2015,

The Love Spell

Michelle dabbed some of the rosewater she had been brewing for nine days – whose petals had been gathered beneath the light of the last full moon – behind her ears.  Looking in the mirror next to the kitchen door, she adjusted the rose quartz charm at her throat.  What was that fleeting look she had just seen; nerves?

She frowned.  Then, cross with herself for doing so, she stretched the skin of her forehead with her fingers, trying to smooth out the damage.  That’s better.

The timer on the stove chimed, followed a few seconds later by the oven.  Soon the table was laid – the centrepiece, a homemade apple pie.  She had read somewhere that apples were sacred to Aphrodite.  Next to the pie dish sat a tarot card: The Lovers.  Michelle reached over and picked it up.

Holding it in her hand, she thought over the lengths she had gone to get things right.  No, not right.  Perfect.  Damn, she’d even found an astrologist online to check the alignment of the stars, just to see if they would be in her favour.  This had to work.  Thoughts of him were driving her to distraction.

Not that James had any idea what she had been planning.  He thought he was coming over to complete a report for work.  If she had her way, the office would be the last thing either of them would be thinking about, she mused, grinning mischievously.

For a heartbeat, she wondered if she was doing the right thing.  If she was being fair to him.  Hearts in love, she pondered, were not really concerned with “free will” and “do no harm”.  After all, wasn’t there that saying…”the heart wants what the heart wants?”  Anyway, it was love.  There was nothing evil or dangerous in that.  It’s not like I’m planning to bury a knife in his chest…

Pushing away the remainder of her misgivings, she placed the tarot card over her heart and whispered the incantation one more time.

You’ll be mine.

You’ll be mine.

You’ll be mine.

Now all she had to do was wait…

The Evergreen Fairy


Always dressed in forest green

A crown of winter berries upon her head

Around her neck ice pearls shimmer

Through raven hair weaves silver thread

This was written for Day 3 of “The 12 Days of Winter” writing challenge.  See this page here for more details and a list of prompts.

Winter Magic has finished brewing…

Today has been a big day.  It’s been a busy day.  It’s been a good day.  Why?  Winter Magic is now up on Wattpad.  Yay!


Nine poems and five pieces of fiction, and each one (exclusive of my own), an amazing piece conveying the magic of winter.  I am so proud to be in the company of such talent.  It’s true, but I’ll stop gushing now 🙂

If you have a moment, please do check it out. It’s free, so you have no excuses 😀

To learn more about the anthology, visit its page here, or go directly to Wattpad and start reading.

To celebrate, I’m off to partake in a little kitchen witchery and bake cookies 🙂