Excavating the Archives: A Higher Wisdom

You’ll find her words

Hidden in the shades

Of nature’s colour wheel

In the nuances of the season

In the cracks between

Air, fire, water and earth

And here they wait patiently

At rainbow’s end

To be discovered

This was first shared on this site in July 2020. You can find the original post here.

Fault Lines

Another geography poem 😉

Here at the margins
Where two plates meet
Nature’s crucible
Works her magic

A battle is fought
Jagged and jarring
Building in power
Until the earth shakes

Yet occasionally the clash
Is less of a dash and more of a charge
Mountains forming, pushing, heaving upwards
Neither one relenting, in a reach for the sky

But sometimes the direction is downwards, not up
Where power unseen stirs the cauldron of transformation
One plate giving way to the other
And destruction is only the next step on the path
To creation, formation, construction, generation

Written for Weekend Writing Prompt #190 – Marginal in 31 words (I used “margins”), and Weekend Writing Prompt #191 – Crucible in 100 | Word Count: 96 – because this was written for two separate prompts, my aim was to simply write under the most generous word limit of the two.