She weaves

Whispers of Wisdom

Sings songs of delight

Throughout the daytime

And all through the night

Summer, Autumn,

Winter, Spring

Earth enchanted

By Gaia’s blessings

Written for Weekend Writing Prompt #60 – Weave


Midwinter – a poem

Today is the shortest day

Tonight the longest night

Tomorrow’s sunrise the turning point

That marks the returning light


In the very heart of winter

There’s a special vigil to keep

As we wait patiently in the dark

For the sun to wake from sleep


Soon the world will be brighter

It will be the darkness’ turn to wane

It won’t be long until spring is here

When The Wheel will turn again

This Midsummer Night

A couple of verses of something I’ve been working on…Wishing Solstice Blessings to All 🙂

Night fires bright

Beacons and bonfires light

Up the hills tonight

Dancing snakes of torchlight


This Midsummer Night


Singing and chanting

Blessings be granting

Smiles true and enchanting

Fae spells be casting


This Midsummer Night

Far from the Goddess

~ Hecate by William Blake ~ photo credit: wikipedia

Sunlight filters through the leaves
Lazily reaching out to the earth
But it does not touch me

Moonlight bathes all in majestic silver
Boldly breaking through inky clouds
But it does not reach me

Starlit beacons in the indigo night
Safely guide the lost and wayward
But they do not save me

I am far from the Goddess

Beyond the embrace of
Sun, Moon and Stars

I am far from the Goddess

The Old Man of Winter


My poem, The Old Man of Winter, can be found in Issue 10 of Three Drops from a Cauldron’s web journal, alongside some amazing poetry and flash fiction.

If you have a moment, I hope you check it out – I would love to hear what you think to my poem.  It can be found on the Three Drops from a Cauldron website:

Three Drops from a Cauldron: Issue Ten