More than just a pet (tanka)

This is for the Weekly Tanka Prompt Challenge, hosted by Kiwinana at Ramblings of a Writer.  Below is my effort for week 51; the words are “family” and “pets”. I have cheated a little this week and used “pet” instead of “pets”.  The prompt can be found here.  Go and check it out!

One of my familiars, lol…This one’s called Bast. She looks like she has an attitude, but really she’s as soft as anything…

More than just a pet

Member of the family

Treasured whilst they’re here

Empty spaces when they’re gone

Heartfelt cherished memories

Goodbye Old Friend


Well, my heart broke today.

My Nan’s cat, Minty, died, at home, in her sleep, at the grand old age of 21.  She had been around for well over half my life and had been my Nan’s best friend and constant companion since the passing of my Grandad.

She had a unique, quirky personality, that meant she would tap people on the arm when she wanted their attention and would often meow at trees in the garden.  You can’t put a price on the loyal friendship she offered, neither can you fill the empty space such a friend leaves behind. She will be greatly missed.

Goodbye, old friend.