Hello, Pigeon!

I’ve just got back in from a walk out in the freezing cold to see the super moon.  Now, as I defrost in the warm, sipping a huge mug of tea, I think I better post my photo for week 3 of the #2019picoftheweek Photography Challenge, hosted by Of Maria Antonia

A note about my responses for the challenge: The photos I post will be a mix of old and new.  I’ve taken so many photos over the years, it will be nice to give a handful of them a purpose, but I also look forward to taking my camera out and snapping new ones too.

This photo was taken through my kitchen window last week.  The glass has given the photo a nice, soft quality to it.  But how does this fit in with any of the photo challenge prompts?  Well, in my house, any bird spotted out of the window is always greeted with an excited “Hello!”  And no, I’m not entirely sure why.  As soon as I saw this prompt on the list, I knew it was a bird photo taken from the house that I would post for it.  It just so happened that last week a wood pigeon was the only bird willing to pose for me…

Week 3 – Hello!

Taken: January 2019