Blurred Lines

Lines blur
A little more

Truth turns to lies
Lies merge with truth
Indistinct words
Without meaning

Written for Weekend Writing Prompt #94 – Indistinct | Word count: 18


Endless Horizons


The horizon stretched on

No end in sight

No pause for rest

Endlessly expanding

Tirelessly discovering

Moving quickly over ground just covered

In search of new ground to conquer and claim


On and on

Into the distance it reached

And on and on

It continued to grasp


I wished that it would stop

Just for a moment

In peaceful stillness


But instead, the horizon

Keeps moving

It won’t be still

It won’t be content

Written for Weekend Writing Prompt #93 – Horizon | Word Count: 74

I’ve seen other writers turn their prose into poems but this is the first time I’ve tried it myself, and must say, not only was it a fun and interesting exercise, I don’t think the poem is half bad either – for a first attempt 😉  I will be certainly trying this again.

The original piece of prose, Horizon, a 120 word flash fiction, was published on this site in April 2016 and can be found here.

Silent Silhouette

I close my eyes, and I see you

In outline only

A shadow before the sun

A silent silhouette

I know you not

Un-named stranger

Why are you here?

Why are you here now?

You neither move nor speak

Can you hear me?

I’m not frightened

Should I be?

Not until I open my eyes

The same inky shape

Stands in the doorway

Watching, waiting…

Written for Weekend Writing Prompt #89 – Silhouette | Word count: 65

Excavating the Archives At Midwinter

I’ve been looking through the archives to find something wintry to repost to mark Midwinter, and I’ve noticed that I really love to write about this season, meaning there was a lot to choose from.  Here are some of my favourites…

Midwinter – A Poem

Today is the shortest day

Tonight the longest night

Tomorrow’s sunrise the turning point

That marks the returning light


In the very heart of winter

There’s a special vigil to keep

As we wait patiently in the dark

For the sun to wake from sleep


Soon the world will be brighter

It will be the darkness’ turn to wane

It won’t be long until spring is here

When The Wheel will turn again

(from 21 Decemeber 2017)


Winter Morning (a haiku)

A frosty breath mists

Words frozen, left unspoken

Cold winter morning

(from 28 November 2017)

Silver Frost

Breath mists in frigid air

Cold hands, warm heart

Wintry kisses melt icy lips

Beneath mistletoe boughs

In silver frost.

(from 13 December 2018)


If you’re looking for more winter-themed reading, why not check out:

  • Winter Magic / Winter Wishes – a couple of anthologies filled to the brim with all sorts of wintry goodness from writers around the world.  Both are free to read via Wattpad.
  • Jingle Spells – an anthology of winter, witches and the paranormal, from CyberWitch Press.  My short story, A Midwinter Manifestation, can be found in it.  Free to download a digital copy from most, if not all, online retailers.
  • O Horrid Night – another winter-themed anthology, this time from FunDead Publications.  This one is more gothic and ghostly in theme / style.  Not free to read, but a great addition to any bookshelf.  Can be found on Amazon.  My short story, A Midwinter Haunting was included in it.
  • I would add One Turn of The Wheel to this list of recommendations, as it has a chapter dedicated to Winter, but as it’s only available in print, it will probably be the new year before it arrives from Lulu.

At the Crossroads of Life


I’m standing at the crossroads of my life

Wondering which path before me

Is the right one


They all look the same

There is no visible sign

Separating one from the other


And yet, I must make a choice

I cannot stay here

Dithering forever


Indecision rules my heart

Confusion clouds my mind

Anxiety rises; I don’t know what to do


Tears well up in my eyes

I’m lost and lacking direction

My life, a roadmap of mistakes


Past failures begin to take hold

When a sudden strong breeze shifts my perception:

What’s been has gone; start afresh


And that, I decide

Is what I’ll do

Written for Weekend Writing Prompt #12 Indecision


This is a more seasonally appropriate prompt, with the equinox falling on 23rd September 2018.

Written in response to Weekend Writing Prompt # 21 Day and Night.

WWP#21 | Word Prompt: DAY AND NIGHT

Equinox, Evennight
Almost perfect balance between
Day and Night

Evennight, Equinox
Traditional markers for
Seasonal clocks

Marking the beginning of autumn
Or the beginning of spring
Named from the Latin,

Afternoon Tea

2 light-hearted acrostic poems on the theme of Afternoon Tea for Weekend Writing Prompt #40

A Holiday Indulgence

All my

Favourite cakes, alongside a pot of

Tea, English Breakfast, of course,

Eccles cakes, Victoria sponge, though it would be

Remiss of me

Not to mention the sandwiches and scones, the latter

Obviously served with jam and clotted cream

On second thoughts, you have the sandwiches

Never really liked them myself, I’d rather a


Toasted teacake, spread liberally with butter, while I

Enjoy the view from the window

Across the bay

A Sweet Treat List

Angel cake

Fondant fancies

Treacle tart

Empire biscuits

Rock cakes

Nice biscuits

Orange marmalade cake

Oatie biscuits

Nutmeg on an egg custard tart


Tea bread


Apple and cinnamon muffins