Excavating the Archives: Into The Trees

I wait at the edge of the forest

The boundary between

Danger and safety

The threshold between

What I know and don’t

The seen and unseen

And in that moment

I have a decision to make

To continue waiting

Or begin a new chapter

By taking my first step

Into the trees

This was originally posted in January 2017. You can find the original post here.

Excavating the Archives: Silent Silhouette

I close my eyes, and I see you

In outline only

A shadow before the sun

A silent silhouette

I know you not

Un-named stranger

Why are you here?

Why are you here now?

You neither move nor speak

Can you hear me?

I’m not frightened

Should I be?

Not until I open my eyes

The same inky shape

Stands in the doorway

Watching, waiting…

This was originally posted in January 2019. You can find the original post here.

Stuck In His Shape

he was all
angles and straight lines
nothing out of place
each piece of the puzzle
fitting snugly together
to ensure he made
a complete whole

he couldn’t bend
would never give
a fraction of an inch
out of choice
or by nature?
I was never sure

until one day
he hit an obstacle
he couldn’t go around
or go over
which was when I realised
he didn’t know the answer

Back in August, my poem, Stuck In His Shape, was published via Nine Muses Poetry (read my original post about it here).  Sadly, not long after, that venue ceased to be.  It’s always such a shame when beautiful poetry venues stop publishing but I understand how big a commitment it is to run such a project…So I thought I would share that poem here for anyone who might be interested but had missed it.

13 Days of Samhain – Day 13

Thanks to everyone who joined in with the 13 Days of Samhain prompts.  I thoroughly enjoyed reading each and every one! If you missed any, you can catch up by checking out the original prompt post and follow the links / pingbacks in the comments…

Have a blessed Samhain! I’m off to bake a batch of soul cakes…

Spirits start to cross

When The Veil begins to thin

Following the lights

Of carved lanterns and candles

Guiding them safely homewards

Written for: 13 Days of Samhain – Day 13: Thinning of The Veil