Musings from (or of) a Muse

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I try to keep her grounded
But her avian superpowers
     Mental flapping and fluttering
Resist the attempt

She dreams of spreading her wings
She wants to soar

Written for: Weekend Writing Prompt #275 – Avian | Word count: 29

Searching the Ruins

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Piling up the rubble and sweeping the dust
I tidy the ruins
Of an anxious mind

Fractures in stonework
And shattered glass
Visible to be me but no-one else

There are ghosts here
Haunting memories of bygone days
Whispering words of judgement and doubt

The truth is different, I know
Smoke and mirrors distort and contort
Warp, bend and buckle what is, was and may be

They need these ruins as much as I
For without them
Neither of us would exist

So I dwell here in these echoes
Keeping company with shades
Ever searching for the fact in their fiction

Cold and Grey

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Give me the cold and grey
The picturesque monotone
Of a watercolour painting
Brush strokes in variations of
British weather

Enchant me with silver skies
Charm me with hard granite and rocky outcrops
Offer me storm clouds as love tokens
And downpours as a sign you're missing me
Give me the cold and grey

Written for Weekend Writing Prompt #264: Picturesque | Word count: 54

Sorta-Sonnets…can I write one?

You might have heard that over on Whispers and Echoes, we currently have a very special open call: Sorta-Sonnets from Guest Editor, Bartholomew Barker.

The call has been open for a few weeks now (and closes on the 24th June 2022), and since then I’ve been wondering if I am able to write one. Those who have been here a while will know I do try and write some poetry, mainly free verse, sometimes haikus. And I have been lucky enough to have had some of my poetry published. However, I have never in my life written a sonnet. But can I write a sorta-sonnet?

I’m going to try.

Bartholomew Barker explained in the submissions call post what the rules are for a sorta-sonnet:

  • 14 line poem
  • under 100 words
  • no rhyme

Nice. Simple. Clear instructions. And best of all, there’s no need to get to grips with a particular meter and rhyming scheme. It sounds do-able…

So here’s my first attempt at a sorta-sonnet:

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These Words

I craft worlds out of words
That only exist in my head
These words build cities and
Grow gardens, make history as
Well as bake cakes
These words that create
Transform into people, with
Thoughts and actions all their own
And so my words become theirs
Or is it the other way around?
These words...their voices
My craft...their art
My daydreams...their adventures
All inside my head

The Power of Little Things

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You’ll find them in the liminal spaces

The cracks in the pavement

Where the sea meets the shore

Those places between

Here and there

Whispering words from another place

Where the dark gives birth to the light

Where dreams are born

Hope’s hunting ground

Where those who dwell in the margins

Unseen, unheard, unnoticed

Can make thunder with a single breath

And enchantment is carried on the wind

And rain drenches the land in blessing

Where songs are spells

Where paintings on cave walls

And carvings in stone

And drawings made in sand and soil

Tell tales of the future

Where emptiness, waiting to be filled,

Is the cauldron of inspiration

And a blink of an eye

Holds the secrets to all creation

Mysticism in the Mundane

I collect tea dust and biscuit crumbs

Letting them gather in the bottom

Of jar and tin

Like sacred ingredients for a magic spell I don’t know

Sometimes I stand and stare at these grains of mundane makings

For there is no awe there

Just puzzlement, mystification

One morning, with the dew still clinging to the leaves outside,

As the first rays of the sun are just beginning to enlighten my little world

I finally ask myself, “Why? What are they for?”

And I hear a voice soft and calm, like a rainfall of moon and starlight at midnight, whispering,

“Wait and see, my pretty, wait and see.”

A Little Morning Madness (acrostic)

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Standing still

Pondering possibilities

Overactive imagination

Turns sense into nonsense

Lucidity, debatable

Ingenuity, unlikely

Gathering wool, always

High hopes

To achieve

Written for: Weekend Writing Prompt #259 – Spotlight | Word count: 21

A little bit of nonsense poetry this Saturday, inspired by (and putting under the spotlight) my ability to think and overthink, to dream and then dream away the day, to procrastinate over things until I’ve lost interest in them, to waste time wondering instead of just doing, to chase new stories in my head instead of finding out how the old ones end… 🙂

Only Human

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I’m not perfect

my faults are legion


I endeavour to be good

to do right


though I stumble

now and then


most important of all

I love you


I hope it’s enough

Written for: Weekend Writing Prompt #231 – Legion | Word count: 32

Glory (Found Poetry)

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This wind of promise 1

Gives me a foretaste 2

(Of a) Heaven shower(ing) down blessings 3

Poem 5 of a series of 5

Notes: Found poetry using snippets of text from “Letter I” of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. Page numbers refer to my paperback copy of the book, a Penguin Classics edition from 2003.

These snippets are from pages 1, 3 & 4 of Letter 1. Words in brackets my own addition | Title from page 3 lines 21 | 1 from page 1 line 11 | 2 from page 1 lines 10 & 11 | 3 from page 4 lines 10 & 11

The Temple where the Names of Homer and Shakespeare are Consecrated (Found Poetry)

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I feel my heart glow 1

(As I) read with ardour 2

Those poets whose effusions 3

Entranced my soul 4

Poem 4 of a series of 5

Notes: Found poetry using snippets of text from “Letter I” of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. Page numbers refer to my paperback copy of the book, a Penguin Classics edition from 2003.

These snippets are from the second page of Letter 1. Words in brackets my own addition | Title from lines 36 & 37 | 1 from line 18 | 2 from line 22 | 3 from line 32 & 33 | 4 from line 33