In the dark of night they come

Singing their songs of silence

Drowning out the highlights

Of what’s gone before

The indigo hours are awash with dreams

Life forgotten, faded away

Watercolour memories are all that remain

As we walk the secret paths

Of worlds hitherto unknown




Excavating the Archives: Wishing upon Stars

moon november

When darkness descends

I am left alone dreaming

Wishing upon stars

This poem was originally posted on this site September 2016, here:


Midwinter – a poem

Today is the shortest day

Tonight the longest night

Tomorrow’s sunrise the turning point

That marks the returning light


In the very heart of winter

There’s a special vigil to keep

As we wait patiently in the dark

For the sun to wake from sleep


Soon the world will be brighter

It will be the darkness’ turn to wane

It won’t be long until spring is here

When The Wheel will turn again

Vines of the Mind (poem publication)

My poem, Vines of the Mind, has been included in Issue 2 of the zine, Bombinate.  (You can find out more about this zine, by following this link).  The theme for this issue was “vine”, which I thought was an interesting prompt.  However, it was the meaning of the word “bombinate”  that really caught my attention and made me want to submit something.

My contributor copy arrived in the post a few weeks ago.

Winter Morning (haiku)

I’m still lagging behind blogging-wise after completing NaNoWriMo, but I spotted this week’s Weekly Tanka Prompt Challenge hosted by Kiwinana over at Ramblings of a Writer, and decided to write a haiku. (I know.  It’s been one of those kind of days…perhaps I will get around to writing a tanka for this prompt later in the week…) The words for Week 73 are “mornings” and “winter”.

A frosty breath mists

Words frozen, left unspoken

Cold winter morning