Far from the Goddess

~ Hecate by William Blake ~ photo credit: wikipedia

Sunlight filters through the leaves
Lazily reaching out to the earth
But it does not touch me

Moonlight bathes all in majestic silver
Boldly breaking through inky clouds
But it does not reach me

Starlit beacons in the indigo night
Safely guide the lost and wayward
But they do not save me

I am far from the Goddess

Beyond the embrace of
Sun, Moon and Stars

I am far from the Goddess

I would give you a garden (poem publication)

My poem, I would give you a garden, has been published in Issue 2 of Umbel & Panicle.

About Umbel & Panicle

Umbel & Panicle is a new bi-monthly lit journal, inspired by plants and botanical things.  Each issue is centred on a theme, and contains a mix of poetry and photographs.

Issue 2’s theme was “Flower”, and my poem is perhaps a little different to the usual fare I post here.

You can read my poem by going to straight to its page, here, or start at the beginning of the issue, here.  The journal is a short read, but it is beautiful in its brevity, as you will see.  I’m honoured to have one of my poems included in it.

If you read the poem, please let me know! 🙂  And for those wishing to submit to them, the theme for Issue 3 is “Fruit”.

Enjoy your weekend and thanks for reading!

Whispers and Echoes Issue 1 now available to read

The first issue of Whispers and Echoes is now available to read over on the Dreaming Spirit Press site or via Wattpad.

Personally, I think it’s a smashing little read (I know I might be a teeny bit biased 😉 ) but I hope you do too.  With short poetry and flash fiction covering a range of themes and genres, there should be something for everyone.

So, if you have a spare moment, please check it out and support these talented writers.  Without them, issue 1 would not have been possible.

Excavating the Archives: Lady Luna

Night time

By the silver stream

Endlessly flowing

She descends to the Earth

From Her home in the Moon.

Her name’s Lady Luna

She’s Queen of the Heavens.

With the magic of Starlight

She sings Destiny’s tune.


Throughout the night-time

She walks with the Mysteries

Casting Her spells

To which none are immune.

Charming, enchanting

Bewitching, beguiling.

With the magic of Moonlight

She casts Destiny’s rune.

From September 2015, https://sammiscribbles.wordpress.com/2015/09/28/lady-luna/

Tapestry of Life

frosty spiders web

A multitude of little threads

Woven together

Connections and interconnections

A nexus, a hub

A meeting of minds

A tapestry of life

But just one pull

And the web comes undone…

“Nexus” is the Word of the Day over at www.merriam-webster.com/word-of-the-day

A Few Little Updates…

final-coverI thought I would write a follow-up post for a fun little project that went live at the beginning of December.  Yes, I’m talking about the anthology, Winter Magic.

As of this morning, the winter-theme poetry and prose collection has had 592 views, 27 votes and some beautiful comments.  If you have yet to have a read of the anthology, you can do so by following the link to Wattpad here, where you can read it for free.  Don’t want to read it on Wattpad or are a reviewer?  Check this out.

And so, because I had such fun working with everyone involved, and I rather enjoyed collating the bits and pieces together, I have posted another couple of calls for submissions for anthologies to be released this year.  Two are again seasonal anthologies, Summer Spells and Winter Wishes, and the third is for something a little different; Whispers and Echoes, an online journal of short writing.  That is, short poetry (in 10 lines or less) and flash fiction (in 100 words or less).

whispers-and-echoes-issue-1If any of these projects interest you, you can check out the submission guidelines by following the links below:

Whispers and Echoes

Summer Spells

Winter Wishes