“A Chance Encounter” in “The Moon Garden”

I’ve been lucky enough to have two of my short stories selected for “Best of 2019” anthologies from two separate publishers…A big thank you to the editors / compilers of each book for considering and including my work…

A Chance Encounter

I submitted A Chance Encounter back in late Summer last year, to Hawthorn and Ash from Iron Faerie Publishing, thinking it would only make it onto their website.  But, the format then changed to include the possibility of an ebook and print book, for which I was super excited. That was in the autumn, I think.  Hawthorn and Ash (volume 1) was released in December 2019. Then, while I was on holiday in December, I got the notification that this little story of mine had been selected for Iron Faerie’s “Best of” anthology for 2019.  It was such great news to return home to!  And isn’t that cover stunning!

So what’s the story about? As the title suggests, a chance encounter.  With what? A fairy…


The Moon Garden


I’ve spoken about The Moon Garden on this blog before (see here), when the anthology it was selected for, Gardens of Enchantment from Fantasia Divinity, was released. To learn it was selected for inclusion in their “Best of” anthology, “Ghosts of The Past 2019”, put a great big smile on my face.  Every writer has a handful of stories that they’re really proud of, and this is one of mine…

The Moon Garden focuses on Alexa Harrison, who has just moved into a new house.  However, there’s a discrepancy between the maps of the property and what can actually be seen.  It’s a mystery Alexa can’t let go of, but there’s a price to pay for learning the truth…


Thanks for reading!  Have a great weekend!

An Independent Melody

My poem, An Independent Melody, is up at Peeking Cat Poetry.  It will also be included in an upcoming print issue of the magazine too!  My thanks to the editor, Sam Rose, for selecting my poem.

If you would like to have a read of it, you can find it here.


…the lobelias in my garden…

I must apologise for my lack of presence on the blog (and of course, on yours) in recent weeks.  I have been caught up in a flurry of submissions and deadlines, whilst also trying to find time to work on my WIPs and edit ones I actually have a complete first draft for.  So please don’t think I’m ignoring anyone…

Speaking of editing, I have, as of fifteen minutes ago, finished the last round of editing on The Winter Ghost!  Woohoo!  So soon I’ll be on the hunt for beta readers.  Yay!

But that isn’t the purpose of this post…no.  My poem Detachment has been published over on Nine Muses Poetry.  It’s such a beautiful poetry webzine, and I’m grateful to the editor, Annest Gwilym, for including my work in it.

You can read my poem here.

The Moon Garden

I’m a little late in sharing this news, but my short story, The Moon Garden, was published by Fantasia Divinity back in March 2019.  The title of the anthology it can be found in is Gardens of Enchantment.  Here’s the summary from Amazon:

Gardens are places of mystery and enchantment where fairies hide among the leaves and magic courses through the roots. But beware, the snake of temptation slithers in the undergrowth and the most beautiful flowers might be poisonous. The stories in this collection will take you on a botanical journey into the heart of greenness: you will taste dangerous liquors, see the desert break into blossom or venture into breath-taking bowers.In this bouquet of tales you will find re-imagined legends, magical realist musings, fantasy and a pinch of sci-fi.Authors featured in this anthology: Damien McKeating, Zoey Xolton, Sally Basmajian, Madison McSweeney, Vonnie Winslow Crist, Fanni Suto, Judith Field, Jennifer Vizner, Frank Roger, Pamela Jeffs, Ed Ahern, Maia Cornish, Lucy D. Ford, Elaine M. Lies, Sammi Cox, Helen Mihajlovic, Steve Carr, Scott G. Gibson, and Bill Davidson

Isn’t the cover beautiful?!  I must say, all the covers to the anthologies and books they put out are stunning.  My heartfelt thanks go to Fanni Süto for including and editing my story, and Fantasia Divinity for publishing it.

The Moon Garden

My story focuses on Alexa Harrison, who has just moved into a new house.  However, there’s a discrepancy between the maps of the property and what can actually be seen.  It’s a mystery Alexa can’t let go of, but there’s a price to pay for learning the truth…

I loved writing this story.  In fact, it was one of the short stories I worked on as part of NaNoWriMo 2018, where I tried out a new writing technique of starting to write a story in the middle, working through to the end before returning to the beginning to write the opening.

One Final Word…

If anyone is looking for a venue to submit to, Fantasia Divinity have just released a new list of submissions calls, including a drabble and flash fiction anthology.  You can find all you need to know about submitting to them here.

A few poems published…

Today I have three poems, Silent Thoughts in an Empty Churchyard, Agoraphobia and Quiet, up over at Nine Muses Poetry.  Thanks to Annest Gwilym for including them 🙂

You can read them here.  If you do, I would love to hear what you think to them.

And, while you’re there, why not check out the other talented poets who’ve had pieces published by Nine Muses Poetry or consider submitting something yourself.  It really is a lovely publication.

Hope you’re having a great weekend 🙂

The Magical Items that the Postman Brings…and a few updates

Wow…I can’t believe it’s February already.  Where has the start of 2018 gone?  It has been ages since I posted anything on here that wasn’t the Weekend Writing Prompt, and there were a few weekends where I thought even that might not happen 😯 .

So what have I been up to? – A Few Updates

Well, my birthday’s been and gone, making me a year older since I last posted a non-prompt related post. For presents, I got a number of beautiful things any scribbler would treasure: notebooks, pens and journal materials, as well as a few other things, including a copy of Francis Pryor’s Britain AD and the DVD box set of The Bridge season one.

In what little free time I’ve managed to scrounge together so far this year, I’ve been writing: poetry, short stories, and even my novel WIP has had some time and energy spent on it.  It feels like it’s been a slow start to the year (I remember complaining about the same thing last year!), but some progress is being made.  I’ve set myself a little personal challenge this year, which seems to be helping me make the most of my available time.  I’ve called it the “1000 words a day challenge”, where the aim is to be able to say by the end of 2018 that I have written, redrafted and edited 365,000 words.  This way, even if I don’t have time to write everyday, I can work towards the overall goal. So far, I’m on target!  Yay!

I’ve also been trying to catch up on reading some of the responses to the Weekend Writing Prompt.  I spent half of yesterday enjoying some amazing poetry and prose, from old and new participants alike.  It’s wonderful to see so many takes and interpretations of the same prompts.  You are all so very talented 🙂

Now for the second part of the post…The Magical Items that the Postman Brings

Just before Christmas, my copies of One Turn of The Wheel arrived in the post.  I still can’t believe that there is a book out there with my name on it.  I have received some lovely comments about this collection of tiny tales, and I can’t tell you how much they warm my heart and make me smile!

If you would like to read The Goblin Dance in its entirety, you can do so by heading over to the publisher’s website.  If you would like to order a copy of One Turn of The Wheel, it is available to buy as a paperback through Lulu.

At the beginning of January, my contributor’s copy of Children of Zeus arrived, containing my short story, A Family Reunion (which you can read more about, here):

And lastly, some very surprising news…during the last half of 2017, I wanted to challenge myself to send out more of poetry for publication.  For some reason, I find it harder to submit poems than I do short stories.  And so I did just that.  One of the venues I chose was Paper Swans Press, who were holding open submissions for a pocket poetry pamphlet on the theme of love.  I didn’t have any expectations of being included in the pamphlet; they made it clear that it was going to be a very small publication.  You can imagine my surprise when months later I received an email that says my poem was one of twelve that was chosen out of a couple of hundred to be selected for publication.

You can learn more about The Pocket Poetry Book of Love, including how to order one, on the publishers website.

My contributor copy of the pamphlet arrived in the post this week, and it’s just lovely!

“A Family Reunion” and an update…

A Family Reunion:

My short story, A Family Reunion, has been included in the latest Zimbell House Publishing anthology, Children of Zeus: A Collection of Mythic Tales.  The story focuses on one of Zeus’ less famous children, Pandea, a moon goddess who (for the purposes of this story) decided to keep contact with her immortal family to a minimum, choosing instead to make her home alongside mortals.  However, Zeus doesn’t like to be ignored by his children…

I had fun writing this story.  I love Greek mythology and I enjoyed seeing how many Greek gods, goddesses and heroes I could mention.  Zimbell House has a few more Greek mythology-inspired anthologies coming up and it would be fun to try and write something for another one if I can.

You can learn more about this anthology by checking it out on the publisher’s website or heading over to Goodreads.

The update:

Having spent most of the week in bed with the flu, I was overwhelmed to see such lovely comments left for me regarding the publication of One Turn of The Wheel, when I did finally feel well enough to switch the computer on.  So, I just wanted to let everyone know, I’ve not been ignoring you!