Who holds the keys to spring?

Photo by Hrvoje Abraham Miliu0107eviu0107 on Pexels.com


I long for mid-teen temperatures

A soft, gentle breeze

To beckon spring in

Watch winter leave


To blow out the cobwebs

Lighten the air

To chase away shadows

Paint all in spring cheer


With an artist’s palette

A perfumier’s scents

Swap grey slate for pastels

Spices for floral fragrance


The earth will warm and awaken

The sun strengthen and shine

Spring at last will settle

I do feel it is time


Written for: Weekend Writing Prompt #297 – Key | Word count: 71

Excavating the Archives: Impatient Earth

Winter had quickly given way to spring. The snow had melted and as the earth warmed, nature awakened, almost impatient to put behind it the death and the darkness of the colder months.

Suddenly the world was alive with early season colour. Trees were in bud. Delicate pink blossom clung to boughs until an eager breeze dislodged them, sending them dancing through the air like a spring snowfall.

Daffodils, snowdrops, violets, and primroses pushed their way through the recently roused earth to bloom above ground in sunbeam yellow, rich cream, snow white and watercolour purple.

And so the wheel turns….

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