Come Walk With Me – virtually, of course!

I hope everyone is doing well and keeping safe.

I’ve been meaning to post these photos since last week, but it seems time these days is not my friend!

Last week we had some glorious weather here (which kindly returned yesterday after a break of a few days), and that meant I got some nice photos whilst out on my daily walk around the village…If you would like to see more photos, head over to my Facebook page, which is where I usually post them – the reason being I don’t always remember to take my camera, but I always have my phone! 😉

Take care all x

Impatient Earth

It seems a little strange, a little out of step, to be writing about spring when autumn is slowly claiming the natural world where I live, but while I try and fill the last few remaining empty chapters of the Outcast anthology, I must work with the relevant prompts…

“Impatient Earth” was written in response to Weekend Writing Prompt #45 Spring

Winter had quickly given way to spring. The snow had melted and as the earth warmed, nature awakened, almost impatient to put behind it the death and the darkness of the colder months.

Suddenly the world was alive with early season colour. Trees were in bud. Delicate pink blossom clung to boughs until an eager breeze dislodged them, sending them dancing through the air like a spring snowfall.

Daffodils, snowdrops, violets, and primroses pushed their way through the recently roused earth to bloom above ground in sunbeam yellow, rich cream, snow white and watercolour purple.

And so the wheel turns….

The Lord and Lady of Spring

sweet violets

The Maiden kisses his lips, soft and gentle, and he stirs.  Slowly his bones awaken, and young shoots and verdant buds begin to clothe his bark frame, stiff from winter’s deep sleep.  But not for long, now that his young wife has returned to him and roused him from slumber.

Soon, the Green Man, like the earth he rules, will be fully dressed and bursting with energy once more.  And husband and wife, King and Queen, Lord and Lady, will take to the Wildwood, walking its many tracks and trails, many only known to them.  And then, when they lay down to sleep on beds of sweet violets, in their palace made of trees, carpeted with ivy,  they make plans for the coming season…