Inspirited by the Heavenly (Found Poetry)

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The sun is for ever 1

A perpetual splendour 2

Surpassing in wonders and in beauty 3

A thousand celestial observations 4

Poem 2 of a series of 5

Notes: Found poetry using snippets of text from “Letter I” of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. Page numbers refer to my paperback copy of the book, a Penguin Classics edition from 2003.

These snippets are from the first and second page of Letter 1. Title from page 1 lines 11 & 12 | 1 from page 1 line 15 | 2 from page 1 lines 16 & 17 | 3 from line 20 | 4 from page 2 line 1


Inspired by this week’s Monday Inspiration, Sun…

I got burnt,
Flying too close to the sun.
I was drawn to you like a moth to a flame;
You were so bright.
And I needed you
To chase the shadows away.
I was safe and happy drifting on waves of golden light,
But my wings melted in the heat.
And I fell…
…I’m still falling…