Solstice Blessings and Ychydig / Little


Recently I’ve been collating some of the shorter poems from here on the blog with some new ones I have been scribbling away for a poetry competition on Sweek (which is still open by the way, for any budding poets out there!).

The result is Ychydig / Little, a collection of small poems, which can be found and read for free here.  There are 40 poems in all, none longer than 9 lines – I think.  The poems cover many topics; nature, the moon, stars, dreams, and more besides.  The Sweek stats magicians claim it will only take 4 minutes to read it from beginning to end.

And, in case you didn’t know, “ychydig” is a beautiful Welsh word (and one of my favourites) meaning “little”.  Though the title is Welsh, the poems are all in English.

If you do have a spare minute – or 4 😉 – and decide to take a quick look at the collection, please let me know what you think.  And, if you do enter the competition yourself, post a link to your entry in the comments below and I will gladly have a read.

Wishing you all the Brightest of Summer blessings! Or, if you’re in the southern hemisphere, Wishing you the Brightest of Winter blessings 🙂

I’ve joined Sweek…

A few weeks ago I stumbled across another writing platform, Sweek.  The main reason I signed up to it is that always seem to have interesting competitions running.

When I first joined, it was “Unbelievable Tales”, where you had to write an unbelievable tale in 1000 words or less, and “Storytellers”, which required you to write a story in only 500 words.

And as you know, I love writing prompts, so I couldn’t very well pass on this.  The two stories I have posted so far on there I really enjoyed writing.  I also liked working on the front covers.  So what are these stories about?  You know, just in case you were interested and were thinking about reading them… 😉 (It’s free to read stories on Sweek and you don’t need an account; just follow the links below.)

The Dragon-Maiden: A Very Short Fairy Tale (Fantasy, Romance, Fairy Tale)

A maiden on the run is trying to escape becoming the next Dragon-Maiden – a glorified dragon-babysitter, only the dragon she’ll be babysitting isn’t a baby. This fate can be avoided, but only if she finds a husband…The problem is, time is running out, fast…

You can read the story by clicking this link:

Desperate (Historical Fiction, General Fiction)

A group of men and young lads, pushed to the edge of starvation, go to attack a storage barn full of food that is guarded by soldiers, in the hope of stealing something to eat.  What choice did they have? It was that or die.  But something goes wrong…

This story, set in the eighteenth century, is told from the perspective of one of the men as they are trying to make their escape.  Through his eyes we will see just how desperate they have become…

You can read the story by clicking this link:

I’m still trying to work my way around the site, but so far, I’ve had fun and enjoyed the time I’ve spent there.

Are you on Sweek?  What do you think about it?  Do you have any stories posted there?  If you do, please feel free to leave links to them in the comments below so I can read them 🙂