Unscripted ( a poem and some photos)

A signpost in Polesworth, Warwickshire

We had barely a plan

More of a thought

Of direction


A place name on a sign

Spotted from the road

On the way to

Other Places


Unburdened by the lack

Of expectation

We simply got in the car

And drove


Unencumbered by a list of

“Things to see and do”

We arrived

We discovered

We had a great time…


…And made plans to return

Next time as tourists

Rather than as explorers

A poem inspired by an unplanned road trip last week, to Polesworth in Warwickshire, and some photos of said place.

The Abbey Church of Saint Editha with the war memorial
If you’ve been around for a while, you will know how much I love gargoyles and grotesques…
The River Anker with ducks hiding along the bank
The breath-takingly beautiful abbey gatehouse, dating back to the mid-fourteenth century, though the abbey was founded centuries earlier, during the Saxon period

Visiting Shrewsbury

Shrewsbury, to my mind, is one of the most inspiring towns in England, and as such, is one I often find myself visiting.  One of the reasons I love Shrewsbury, as those of you who read my book review blog will know, is because of Brother Cadfael 🙂  However, it is also has a number of impressive churches.  Four of the five photos below are of St Mary’s, now in the care of the Churches Conservation Trust.  In the fifth photo, taken from beneath the bridge next to the imposing railway station, the church-like building at the top of the photograph is in fact the town library.

My favourite photo of the weekend has to be the little monster found perched on the outside of St Mary’s…isn’t he adorable? 🙂  I have a soft spot for demons, especially grotesques, gargoyles and imps…

Hoping you all had a good weekend,