Birds of a Feather

I missed the first week of the #2019picoftheweek Photography Challenge, hosted by Of Maria Antonia, but, as I was choosing this week’s photo, I came across two related photos and decided to post both, one for this week and one for last week…

A note about my responses for the challenge: The photos I post will be a mix of old and new.  I’ve taken so many photos over the years, it will be nice to give a handful of them a purpose, but I also look forward to taking my camera out and snapping new ones too.

So on to the photos for Weeks’ 1 & 2…

These photos were taken at the beginning of 2017, when I was going through my moody black and white photo phase, which I think suits the personality of geese perfectly.  Here we have a number of Canada Geese swimming peacefully up the River Great Ouse, which passes through my village in North Bedfordshire, UK.

Week 1 – Three of A Kind

Taken: January 2017

Week 2 – All in a Row

Taken: February 2017

Water and Deep

These are for the Weekly Haiku Prompt Challenge, that Kiwinana has just started over at Ramblings of a Writer.  Below is my effort for week 1; the words are “deep” and “water”.  The prompt can be found here.  Go and check it out!

The water runs deep

Like turbulent emotions

They ebb and flow


Splishing and splashing

Floundering in deep water

All-consuming love