Summer Spells – a multi-author anthology of poetry and prose

The second seasonal anthology from Dreaming Spirit Press, Summer Spells, is available to read via Wattpad.

Within it you will find a selection of poems and stories covering a whole host of themes, all of them inspired by the magic of the summer season.

So if you have a moment, please support the talented authors who sent their amazing work this way, by reading, voting and commenting.  I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did.

And, if you’re interested in joining in with any of the other projects currently open to submissions over at Dreaming Spirit Press, check out the Open Submissions page.

How much can you say in only ten words?

“Nothing could hurt more than that look on your face.”


Ten Word Stories


Sammi Cox

read for free, here.

The above ten word story currently has the highest number of votes out of the 100 that makes up the collection, Ten Word Stories, which can be found on Wattpad and read for free.  If you have a moment, why not pop over and read one or two, or even vote for your favourite?  After all, it doesn’t take long to read ten words… 😉

Whispers and Echoes Issue 1 now available to read

The first issue of Whispers and Echoes is now available to read over on the Dreaming Spirit Press site or via Wattpad.

Personally, I think it’s a smashing little read (I know I might be a teeny bit biased 😉 ) but I hope you do too.  With short poetry and flash fiction covering a range of themes and genres, there should be something for everyone.

So, if you have a spare moment, please check it out and support these talented writers.  Without them, issue 1 would not have been possible.

Writing, Editing and a call for submissions…

As you will have noticed (if you’re inclined to notice this sort of thing, that is), I have only barely been keeping this blog ticking over for weeks.  Why?  For what felt like an age, I had the flu.  Then I turned my focus towards non-blog writing, which, when you haven’t got much done this year, seems like a sensible move.

I have been working on the final editing stage of my novel – it’s almost there, which is both really exciting and terribly nerve-racking at the same time, the reason being I will soon have to let others have a read of it and let me know what they think.  Gulp!  And after that…the long, hard journey of trying to get it published…

But that’s not all that’s been going on…here are a few highlights:

Whispers and Echoes – Issue 1

The deadline for submissions for the first issue of Whispers and Echoes has been extended to 24 March 2017.  A few days ago I published a post full of writing prompts (when I say “full of writing prompts” read “ten writing prompts” – I do have a tendency to exaggerate 😉 ).  Half are word prompts, the rest are photo prompts.  So if you are currently short on inspiration, why not head over to this post and while you’re there take a look around 🙂

Read an Ebook Week

Ending today is “Read an Ebook Week”, so why not head over to Smashwords to find discounted reads, many of which are marked as free for this week only.  Clicking the cool crow poster on the left will take you to the special “Read an Ebook Week” catalogue.


Dreaming in Purple

Last week I mentioned that the first Andromache Jones Mini Mystery can be found on Wattpad.  Here’s the blurb:

It’s the day of the Bramblesgrove Village Fair and Andromache Jones is giving away free tarot readings. However, she woke that morning recalling she had dreamt in purple. And that can only mean one thing…something quite extraordinary is going to happen.

To read the story, follow this link:

And there we have it.  Thanks for reading.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend 🙂

Dreaming in Purple – An Andromache Jones Mini Mystery


It’s the day of the Bramblesgrove Village Fair and Andromache Jones is giving away free tarot readings. However, she woke that morning recalling she had dreamt in purple. And that can only mean one thing…something quite extraordinary is going to happen.

Dreaming in Purple is the first Andromache Jones Mini Mystery.  If you’ve yet to read the other Andromache Jones Mysteries, this very short story will serve as a great introduction to the witchy sleuth.

To read this free short story, click the cover above, or follow this link.  And if you do read it, don’t forget to let me know what you think!

Ten Word Stories – Update

Hi all!  I trust everyone had a great New Year?  I’m (very) slowly getting back into the swing of a normal routine 🙂

My “Ten Word Stories” on Wattpad is now complete.  Yay!  I had hoped to get it finished before Christmas but time just seemed to vanish and the next thing I know, it’s 2017.  So, I added the final few stories to it today, bringing the grand total up to exactly 100.  It was such a fun little project to work on and made me see the value in every single word I write.  Well, most of the time…

A couple of my favourites from the collection are:

The tarot often brought her good news. Not this time. (#7)

I love you. A lie. Whilst you smile, I die. (#35)

Sparks fly. Ancient words spoken. Dead rise and living fall. (#64)

She belonged to the sea though never destined to return. (#74)

Whispers on the breeze recall enchanting tales of times past. (#98)

To read more of the ten word stories, click the book’s cover below.  Don’t forget to let me know which one’s you enjoyed! 😉

Ten Word Stories

All the best for 2017,

Sammi x

Winter Magic has finished brewing…

Today has been a big day.  It’s been a busy day.  It’s been a good day.  Why?  Winter Magic is now up on Wattpad.  Yay!


Nine poems and five pieces of fiction, and each one (exclusive of my own), an amazing piece conveying the magic of winter.  I am so proud to be in the company of such talent.  It’s true, but I’ll stop gushing now 🙂

If you have a moment, please do check it out. It’s free, so you have no excuses 😀

To learn more about the anthology, visit its page here, or go directly to Wattpad and start reading.

To celebrate, I’m off to partake in a little kitchen witchery and bake cookies 🙂

Would you be interested…?

UPDATE: the anthology “Winter Magic” is now going ahead.  Yay!  Check out the submission guidelines for this project and to learn about future projects, by following this link.  Can’t wait to read what you’ve come up with.


This week has been a whirlwind of ideas.  Sometimes it feels like having too many ideas is just as bad as having writer’s block.  Or is it worse? 😉

So, I thought before I go any further and get carried away (which may or may not already have happened), I might put one of these ideas out there and see what kind or response it gets.  And my!  Am I nervous about doing it.  Take a big, deep breath, Sammi!

So what is this idea?  I was thinking of launching a little side project that would release multi-author anthologies out into the e-world.  And the first of these projects would be an anthology of short stories, flash fiction and poetry inspired by the theme of…wait for it…”Winter Magic”.

Now, all the details are not finalised and what follows is not set in stone, but if you think this might be something that interests you, please read on to see what I have already come up with:

  • The most important point to note is that the primary purpose of this endeavour is to help get writers work seen by as many people as possible.  After all, that’s what we as writers want isn’t?  No, it’s what we need if we are going to get anywhere in this industry.
  • The deadline for submissions would be around 17 November 2016
  • The proposed release date for the anthology would be around 1 December 2016
  • The anthology will be posted online – probably on Wattpad via an account set up specifically for the anthologies.  Yes, I have ideas for many, many others 🙂  This way I won’t be taking credit for anyone else’s work.  You will need a Wattpad account (they’re free to set up and it only takes a matter of minutes) but you are not required to be active on the site.  This is so that I can link your work with your own account / profile as well as having the work attributed to you within the anthology. (Why Wattpad?  Because there is already a strong, supportive readership in place, and work that is posted there is protected.  Also anthologies and collaborations are quite popular on the site too).
  • Unfortunately, you won’t get paid, but all authors will get a PDF copy of the anthology – which won’t be available anywhere else, to anyone else (one small exception might be for book reviewers not on Wattpad as part of the promotional side of the anthology).
  • All genres will be accepted except fanfiction.
  • Reprints will be accepted as long as you hold the rights to the work.
  • Rights remain with the authors at all times.

So those are the bare bones of it.  There are more details, but I thought they could wait until the submission call is released, if it is released.  This will depend if anyone is interested in submitting something for consideration.  The question is, are you?  If yes, please let me know by commenting below or contacting me – don’t worry, you are not committing to anything, only giving me an idea as to whether this little endeavour would be worth my time and effort, and yours.

Thanks so much for reading.  It’s appreciated 🙂

Time for another update…

It’s been a while but I’ve not been sitting idle, watching time tick by (well, not for the most part).  So, here are some updates that you may or may not be interested in… 🙂

bee in willowherb flower

This photo has nothing to do with this post…However, it is one of my favourite photos from last year…


Blogging-wise, I’ve been occupied with my reading challenges over at Sammi Loves Books (July was Indie Only Month and August was Historical Fiction Month).  And this got me thinking that, wouldn’t it be a great way to get back into posting regularly as well as unleashing a little creativity, to create a writing challenge for Sammi Scribbles.  And so, A Month of Mini Writing Challenges was born.  If you are interested in joining in / learning more, keep your eyes peeled for a dedicated post in the very, very near future 🙂

The Apparition

The Apparition has finally been uploaded completely to Wattpad.  If you don’t want to download it for FREE from Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, Kobo or iBooks, you can now read it entirely via Wattpad, by following this link.

Dreaming in Purple

Also, there is a new Andromache Jones Mystery available to read.  This is the first Mini Mystery in the series.  It has been added to a book on Wattpad’s Short Story profile – 5 Minute Reads anthology.  Just click this link here.

I think this is an entertaining introduction to my witchy sleuth (of course I would), so if you haven’t met Andromache Jones yet, give this a try and let me know what you think.  And it is less than 1000 words long.


My website has been updated and been given a new look.  What do you think?  I like the moving background – it invokes a sense of otherworldly mystery, I think…I also have a page now for my Wattpad stories, accompanied by excerpts (hopefully) tempting enough to persuade you to read them 😀


If you look to the sidebar, you will see that I also have a (very bare looking) Facebook page now.  Please check  it out and give it a ‘like’.  The plan is to use it as a hub for my online writing activities, so I will be posting links to my writing, book reviews and anything else of interest.

And I think that’s everything…Hopefully with this mini writing challenge starting today I will be posting a little more regularly…at least for a while 🙂  Tomorrow begins the monumental task of catching up with everyone’s blogs.  There is a mountain of reading awaiting for me, and I’m looking forward to getting stuck in!

Thanks for stopping by and reading.

Brightest Blessings!

Ten Word Stories – Update

Ten Word Stories

So, last weekend I posted the 50th story in my book of Ten Word Stories that I have been writing on Wattpad.  I can’t believe it; it has come around so quickly.

And, most surprising of all, it’s the most popular of the stories that I have posted on there so far.  Over 300 reads, over 50 votes and people have actually commented too.  It just goes to show, I have no idea how Wattpad works.  All of my other works I have posted hoping they will get read; hoping that Andromache Jones especially would reach a wider audience, but no.  The collection of ten word stories on the other hand, had been posted purely for my own fun and enjoyment.

Now, don’t get me wrong.  I am fully aware that 300 reads on Wattpad is nothing in the great scheme of things.  However, in terms of my writing, I think it’s pretty awesome 😀

If you have a moment and are on Wattpad (or want to be – signing up is free), feel free to head on over to my profile page (here).  Let me know if you’re on Wattpad so that I can follow you and read some of your work, if you have published any 🙂

Have a great week everyone!