Are you looking at me?

It’s been a tad bit cold and blowy here today.  Although we popped out for a lovely hot chocolate this afternoon and saw plenty of deer as well as a number of birds of prey, alas there was no opportunity to take any photos.  Hopefully next time.  For now, here’s my photo for week 4 of the #2019picoftheweek Photography Challenge, hosted by Of Maria Antonia

A note about my responses for the challenge: The photos I post will be a mix of old and new.  I’ve taken so many photos over the years, it will be nice to give a handful of them a purpose, but I also look forward to taking my camera out and snapping new ones too.

Keeping with the wildlife theme of the past few weeks…meet this cheeky grey squirrel.  Just look at those little hands!  Is it posing for the camera or a posing a question, (“Are you looking at me?” or perhaps, “Did you want something?”), do you think?  The photo was taken in May 2017 at The Forest Centre at Marston Vale, Bedfordshire, UK.  The former site of a brickworks (the area had quite a few), it is now part of an extensive community forest.

Week 4 – Where I Stand

Taken: May 2017