Crystal Practicalities

I must confess that for this week’s prompt, I have cheated a little.  I had thought that I might write something about the lump of rose quartz currently sitting on my desk…And yet, when I sat down to write, I recalled a short story I wrote a few years ago that has sat neglected, untitled and unedited since the day I penned it.  So, now titled and reworked, I offer it up for this week’s Monday Inspiration – A Selection of Crystals

‘An’ it harm none, do what you will,’ Megan ended the chant. Her heart was racing; she hadn’t realised until she had uttered the final words just how consuming this ritual was.

Although Megan had been a practising witch for many years, the ritual she had just completed was beyond anything else she had ever worked before, but not in terms of complexity. Rather it was the fact that this was the first time she had worked with another person whilst doing her Craft.

‘My skin’s tingling,’ Megan said, rubbing her hands up and down her arms in an attempt to get it to stop. It wasn’t so much that it hurt or was uncomfortable, but the sensation was unfamiliar.

‘Mine, too,’ replied James, trying not to laugh at the faces she was pulling. James had never practised the Craft alone. His chosen path meant that he preferred to operate in a setting where the male and female energies were balanced. And so, he had always been part of a coven.

‘I have never experienced anything quite like that,’ Megan said as she dropped onto the plush rug at her feet. She was exhausted and needed a moment to get herself grounded.

She knew at once what the problem was. Megan, like most witches, was extremely sensitive to energy. That was one of the reasons she preferred to work alone. But that night, she had picked up on the magickal energies of another: James.

James went and sat on the rug beside her, lost in his own thoughts. Many things had been weighing on his mind recently.

‘I don’t know how you cope working in a circle,’ Megan commented as she lay down. ‘My head’s spinning.’

Choosing his words carefully, he hoped one of his problems would soon be solved. ‘Although I’m not immune to it, you do get used to it. In fact, I don’t think you would have any trouble adapting to a coven-setting, Megan…if it was something that you wanted. Any coven would be lucky to have you. You have so much to offer and so much you can teach.’

‘Hmm…Perhaps,’ Megan said, non-committally.

That wasn’t the comment he had been hoping for. Perhaps he was being too subtle, he wondered. Maybe a more direct approach would have a better chance of success…

‘Megan, it’s time I started my own coven. I have outgrown my current one. If I stay much long I will start to upset the balance of energies in the group. It wouldn’t be fair to remain and disrupt them.’

‘That sounds like a big undertaking on your own.’

‘It is…but then, I won’t be alone…I need a High Priestess…’

There was silence for a moment. Megan was closing her eyes and her facial expression remained passive.

‘I suppose you can’t just walk into a supermarket and ask for one,’ she joked, smiling.

James took a deep breath, and then said, ‘Megan, I want you to be my High Priestess.’

The silence returned, as Megan thought about what he was asking of her. She certainly had the knowledge and experience to co-run a coven; that wasn’t the issue. Something far more practical was standing in the way. ‘I don’t think I could work with all that energy, James. I’m sorry.’

‘What if I let you into a secret?’

‘What secret?’

‘How I deal with all the energy we raise inside a circle.’

‘I’m listening.’

James pulled at the small bag round his neck and took something out. It was a dull, grey lump of stone.

He handed it over to Megan; it was heavier than she had expected.  ‘Hematite? It’s a grounding stone.’

‘Yep. It’s my anchor, strengthening my connection to the earth, ensuring that I stay as grounded as I need to be.’

Megan inspected the stone closely, her hope rising. After all, if it worked for her like it did for James, could she really pass up such an amazing opportunity, one that might never come her way again?

Beneath the Full Moon

full moon

Beneath the Full Moon

She deals out Destiny

Once night falls

She starts on her task.


Beneath the Full Moon

She orchestrates changes

Sending her magic

Wherever you ask.


Beneath the Full Moon

She transforms all around her

Bending, reshaping

Remaking at will.


Beneath the Full Moon

She alters perception

Seamlessly crafting

Displaying her skill


The wheel never stops turning

And the Full Moon does wane

But know this for certain

Life’s never the same.

The Witch’s Candle

witchcraft flash fiction

When darkness descends

The candle does light

By it’s illumination

I work ritual and rite.


The flame flickers and dances

To my circle I will

Spirits and Guardians

My spell to fulfil.


Time-honoured enchantments

Witchcraft of old

Ancient raw magic’s

A sight to behold.


When night’s precious darkness

Gives way to the sun

The spell is all over

And my will be done.


So, if you’ve a problem

Come visit me

And by the light of my candle

I’ll amend things for thee.

The Lady of the Altar

I loved my altar.  It was nestled away in the corner of my room, but it was never far from my thoughts.  It was dedicated to The Lady, who I also loved, but more than that, it was a physical representation of who I was.  Elaine.  Witch.  Priestess.  Sorceress.  Diviner of fortunes.  Caster of spells.  Weaver of charms.  Daughter of The Lady.

It was constructed out of an old wooden chest, in which I stored all my ritual paraphernalia; my robe and cloak, charm bags, tarot decks, crystal ball, runes, dried herbs, magical oils, bell and drum.  The top was covered with a brightly coloured cloth and decorated with flowers.  On top of that I had numerous candles, each with their own unique purpose, as well as stones, crystals, feathers and incense.  In the centre was a chalice of water next to which was a small dish of salt.

The main point of focus though was a tattered postcard which I had framed, showing a stone statue of a woman, grey in colour but stained with age in places.  However, her robes were still clearly defined, as was her expression of “knowing”.  Her long wavy tresses cascaded from beneath her hood down to her waist.  Her face was youthful and a hint of a smile played on her lips, though her eyes betrayed her true age and strength.  She was standing in what looked to be a forest, making her appear shrouded in a blanket of varying shades of green. the dark that there is always light...

…in the dark there is always light…

This is how I envisaged The Lady.  Queen of nature, timeless, enduring, possessing power beyond my comprehension.   She was the Mistress of the Mysteries, Keeper of Wisdom, Bearer of Secrets, the ultimate wielder of the earth’s magic.  The Lady commanded the elements.  Air, Fire, Water and Earth did her bidding, and the Moon and Stars which were her symbols, served as a reminder that in the dark there is always light.  Always.

It was to The Lady that I dedicated my altar, my practice, my magic, myself.  I was Elaine, Priestess of the Lady, honoured by her ceaseless blessings, and her servant for all time.

Oracle Forecast for the Week Ahead from The River Gardens Oracle


river gardens oracle reading 1

This week will be one for hard work (Bee).  However, your effort will be rewarded and will bring success to your door.

If you work with balance as your guiding principle (Yin and Yang) harmony will reign and this hard work will feel effortless.

During this busy period don’t forget to take care of yourself (Mother Goddess).  It is a time for healing.  Make sure that you rest to recuperate your strength during quiet periods so that when the time comes, you are ready for anything.

This oracle forecast uses the River Gardens Oracle Card Deck, which I designed for my fictional witch, Andromache Jones.  To learn more about her and the free stories she features in, click here.

I would love to hear what you think of the stories, the cards and this reading, so please feel free to comment or contact me.

Please Note: It is worth pointing out that this reading is provided for entertainment purposes only; however, what you do with the information provided in it, is up to you.

© Sammi Cox, 2014

New Cover for The Magician: An Andromache Jones Mystery (Wattpad only)

This is the last of the Wattpad-related posts for today, I promise!

I thought that it would be quite fun to give the Wattpad version of The Magician a different cover to the ebook.

Yes, in all honesty, all I really wanted to do was play with Wattpad’s cover creator.

This is what I came up with:


The Magician: An Andromache Jones Mystery Wattpad Cover (July 2014)

The Magician: An Andromache Jones Mystery Wattpad Cover (July 2014)

I like it for it’s simplicity.  The colours work quite well with the theme of the story.  It’s dark and mysterious, and the hint of purple matches Andromache’s hair! 🙂

What do you think?  Do you think it is wise having a separate cover to the ebook or do you think they should be the same?

The Cauldron – a piece of flash fiction

witchcraft flash fictionThe cauldron was ancient.  I didn’t know how old it was, but you could tell it was very old from just looking at it.

It had been passed down from mother-to-daughter for generations.  So the story goes.

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Candle Wishing – a piece of flash fiction

witchcraft flash fiction

After turning the lights out, Sarah sat on the floor in the dark, alone.

She thought about all the wishes that she wanted to come true…there were so many.  It took her a while but in the end she chose one, and lit the little black candle in front of her.

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In Plain Sight – a piece of flash fiction

witchcraft flash fictionGloria enjoyed the warm summer months for the time it allowed her to spend in her garden.  If she could, she would be out pottering about in it from the moment the sun rose until the time when the sky turned indigo and the moon and the stars were the only light to see by.

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The Robed Ones – a piece of flash fiction

witchcraft flash fictionThe robed figures moved through the trees in silence, the only sound coming from the breeze rustling the leaves that had yet to be dislodged by the advancing season.  Each one carried a small candle, giving off just enough light to illuminate the way but that was all. Their faces remained in darkness, their hoods pulled low.

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