Random Word Prompts

Every day, in a bid to ensure that I find a little time to write *something*, I will usually employ the use of random words as prompts.  They are easy to use, and can be found anywhere.  All you need do is pick one.

So, there is no excuse not to write something…or so I tell myself 🙂

I put together this list of 25 words when I was writing a poem a day based on a single random word prompt:

  • sleepy
  • again
  • rising
  • ford
  • waiting
  • yarn
  • faded
  • bright
  • sacrifice
  • myth
  • smoke
  • organic
  • relic
  • day
  • undiscovered
  • window
  • rainfall
  • storm
  • excavation
  • subterranean
  • shadow
  • book
  • silence
  • socks
  • darkness

Now I have used these words to inspire poems, I might go back to the beginning and use them as the basis for a collection of pieces of flash fiction.

If any of the words listed above proved inspiring, please feel free to comment below and leave a link to your creative writing.

Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

Happy writing! 🙂